Monday, January 20, 2014

Driving is cheating

My big rule with the hills project is I can't drive. Seems like cheating, right? Plus, this project was also motivated by my desire to get in shape so I climb even bigger mountains. So, here enters bicycling...

Sunday morning I pumped up my tires and rode a little over 11 miles to get to Washington Heights and Lincoln Heights (aka Legion of Honor). Bike riding uses a few different muscles so it was a good workout riding up those hills! My goal will be to work up to a good 20 mile ride so I can be strong enough for some bike camping in the spring. 

And those miles and hills are worth it. Take a look at the views! 

Washington Heights, I learned, has a high school on top of it and as usual in SF, a great view of the water and...of hills I have yet to conquer, like Lone Mountain (below).

From here I went down to Clement Street and climbed through the Presidio to the Legion of Honor where I was greeted by trees and the Golden Gate Bridge playing peekaboo.

All in all it was a great day and I even learned a few things:

1. I should bring snacks on long bike rides
2. I am excited to build up to some longer bike rides
3. I'm better at going up hills then down them on a bicycle.

Things to work on!

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