Sunday, January 12, 2014

Woo woo (that's the sound of the fog horn)

When I haven't seen much fog and rain in San Francisco I feel weird, like something is missing from life. Maybe I'm one of the few people that gets this excited about rain, but I was like a kid jumping in my first puddle when taking on hills this weekend.

First, I suited up with some rain boots,

a newly found Spotify playlist that I've been rocking to all week,

and then I headed out to Anza Heights, the Kaiser Pharmacy (not a hill), Pacific Heights, and Lafayette Park before heading to band practice on Polk Street.

The view from the hills in foggy, rain weather is kind of spooky and cool.

 You couldn't see the usual Alamo Square or The Rock (aka Alcatraz) views from Pac Heights.

 And all the eucalypti, grasses, and flowers look extra bright.

It was for sure damp and a little cold, like the kind of temperature where you can't get your layers just right. And I certainly had a hard time keeping my glasses from fogging up, as seen in this selfie mistake. But it all felt a little more magical.

And to top it off, I got to enjoy this guy singing and dancing by himself.  I kind of wanted to join him but thought I'd better not call attention to him. I think he enjoyed the feeling of being the only one out there.

That might be the best part about being out in the rain. The city suddenly feels vacant, and dancing and singing on top of a hill seems like the best idea ever.


  1. Nice report, but hmmmm: Is there really such a thing as a selfie mistake?

    1. It's a good question! I really didn't mean to take that photo (I got the camera flipped on my iPhone) but I was glad I had it to document why glasses are kind of annoying the rain.