Saturday, January 4, 2014

Why you Russian?

The smell of burnt rubber can't put a damper on this view! All day, all night tourists in rental cars are rushing up Lombard to get their chance to head down the squiggly side.

I walked up Lombard from Polk into Sterling Park, where I took in the view from Russian Hill. This hill project is really making me happy. It's fun to just work them into your day or set out on with a specific intention. Today I was just in the neighborhood for band practice and thought I'd catch sunset and read George Sterling's "The Cool, Grey City of Love" written at the base of the park. I have a feeling George was a big fan of San Francisco hills too.
"Yet her sea-fog's touch is kind,  
 And her mightier caress
 Is joy and the pain thereof 
 And great is thy tenderness, 
O cool, grey city of love!"

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