Thursday, January 23, 2014

17 hills down!

Gotta love a three day weekend! With an extra day I went back out to grab me some hills after my bike ride the day before.

The weather has been crazy nice in the Bay Area. San Francisco was actually 72 degrees for 6 days in a row. I thought my weather app was broken on my phone!

But alas, no, we just are damn lucky and we can never forget that. My grandmother in Kentucky's email for the past two weeks have all been about snow and freezing weather.

So taking advantage of the time and the weather I picked up Telegraph Hill, Coit Tower, and Nob Hill.

Technically I hit Nob Hill first. I say technically because I didn't know I did until I looked at a map later. I tend to walk towards the hilliest path these days and I guess that's a good thing because that brought me to Grace Cathedral which is up on top of Nob Hill. Hooray! #accidentshappen

Along with some other great views of the St. Francis and the city at large.

Then I wandered through China town because I love the hustle and bustle of that neighborhood and it reminds me traveling in China but with less coal. And I got a snap shot of some construction. I love construction! I find it fascinating. 

Eventually I found my way to Coit Tower and Telegraph Hill. Coit Tower was closed but I tried to get as close as possible.

By the end of the day I was able to mark off 2 more hills taking me to 17 out 47 hills so far. This project isn't getting old. I really enjoy it. We live in a beautiful place and it's wonderful to enjoy it like this, plus get in plenty of miles. Check out these record breaking steps!! 

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